Lowell Butte

December 8, 1979

Fourteen people left Eugene under an air stagnation advisory (cold gloomy fog), arriving in Lowell to find our destination showing above the fog in sunshine. We began our hike near Lookout Point Dam, following a fairly steep jeep road, skirting mud holes, but even those in tennis shoes managed to stay dry. On top, only the steel framework of the old fire tower remains. Spencers Butte and the coast range showed clearly above the valley fog, with clear views all the way down to Diamond Peak. Having no protected place from a chilly wind, we did not linger long, but retreated a short way down to a little-used road which took us across the ridge top where we had occassional glimpses into the Fall Creek — Winberry and Lookout Point Reservoirs on either side. For our ever-important refueling stop, we found made-to-order logs and stumps in a warm sunny place with a good view. December? Felt more like spring.

From there it was all down hill, no vehicles as the road is closed with a locked gate so we had plenty of space for talking and visiting with friends and newcomers. On approaching our cars, we heard many gunshots and found we had parked in a popular unofficial shooting area. The shooters were unhappy about hikers in their territory and aimed a few choice words in our direction.

Hikers were Bernie Claypool, Genie Currier, Margaret Hadaway, Rachel Major, Bryant Mitchell, Beverly Penz, Gerta Ross and Cy Saxonberg (all newcomers). Also, members Emmy Dale, Bob Devine, Dorothy Leland, Merle Traudt, Paula Vehrs and Leader Betty Legris.

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