McKenzie River Trail

November 24, 1979

It’s a pity this very lovely trail often is overlooked or considered unworthy because of its proximity to the highway. It is indeed one of Oregon’s most charming, with a number of log and handrail bridges over tributaries to the mighty McKenzie. It is a treat to follow this wild river along its scenic bank, hear the roar of the white water and feel the force of the rapids. For most of the way the river and trees block out the sight and sounds of the highway; and one can really imagine one is in the wilderness of a hundred years ago.

Six of us braved the November rains to enjoy the special beauty of the shiny wet foliage and the J. R. R. Tolken enchanted forest quality of the woods. Those who shared this experience were Genie Currier, Joyce Brooker, Betty Legris, Carol Kompanik, Margaret Hadaway, and Joella Hadland, leader.

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