Chucksney Mt.

November 11, 1979

Despite the usual hubbub that goes with a large turnout, our group of 25 departed the parking area within minutes of the scheduled time.

Perhaps an anxiety to make up for time lost was the cause of some benign confusion that we experienced at this point. There was much scurrying hither and thither—a sort of controlled pandemonium. But in the end, order prevailed enabling us to make a circle and exchange names. Also, mention was made of a critical trail junction where a 90 degree turn was to be made. Then, with the formalities out of the way, we took to the trail in high spirits.

The steep pitch of the trail plus snow cover from the 4,000 ft. level onward began to slowly unravel our previously tight knit group. Some mid-group hikers missed the not too conspicuous signboard where they were to make an abrupt right turn. Fortunately, our “hiker retrieval” operation was 100% successful. However, thought provoking procedural appraisals were exchanged (post crisis). From them, lessons were learned.

The rest of our time was spent enjoying the pristine beauty of snow mantled meadows hemmed in by vigorous growths of young evergreens. The Chucksney Mt. helispot was an ideal spot to laze around in the warmth of a strong Autumnal sun. From out of a varied assortment of brown bags there appeared food aplenty, enough to gratify the palate and re-fuel our inner workings. But the best feast of all was for our eyes as they surveyed the sharp clarity of the Sisters-Broken Top-Bachelor grouping. Wearing their winter coats of white, the quintet provided just the right touch of aesthetic gratification, needed to complement the down-home taste of peanut butter on whole wheat. A scant hundred yards to the north of the helispot was Chucksney summit where Mt. Hood and Jeff could be seen through the trees.

When at last we broke away from this most pleasant place, it was none too soon. By the time we reached our cars, dusk was almost upon us. The hikers who shared this most lovely of all fall days together on a craggy vantage point were: Helen Aldrich, Doris Allen, Ted Allen, Hal Bushy, John Cecil, Evelyn Davenport, Gladys Grancorvitz, Lee Hatch, Deanna Hodgkinson, Vi Johnson, Kathy Kellogg, K. C. Kraft, Bonnie Ledford, Betty Legris, Dot Leland, Joe Lowry, Helen Lynch, Dave Predeek, Velma Shirk, Pat Thornton, Merle Traudt, Lin Trombley, Paula Vehrs, Dan Weinstein, and Bob Devine, leader.

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