Eel Creek Dunes

November 10, 1979

A bright, sunny day at the beach was the reward received by the 24 hikers who traversed the Eel Creek Dunes on Nov. 10. Leaving town at 8 a.m., the group picked up the leader in Florence, and all were at the Eel Creek Campground by 10:20. After introductions, Betty Legris and Joe Lowry volunteered to lead an advance guard, while “the leader” acted as the rear guard. The dunes were scenic as always, and the sand was firm and provided pleasant walking.

For easy crossing of the deflation plain behind the foredune, it was necessary to hike north to the vehicle closure signs and the dunes buggy road to avoid thick brush and the standing water common at this time of year in part of that area. Deer tracks crisscrossed the sand, and sanderlings scampered along the beach. All persons had reached the beach before noon. After lunch, a short hike south along the beach and back was taken.

A good mix of “old timers” to this annual trip and several newcomers made for pleasant visiting and companionship. All were back at the cars by 3 p.m. Hikers were: Paula Abrams, Sharon Blackwell, Genie Currier, Emeline Dale, Gladys Grancorvitz, Joanne Haines, Margaret Hadaway, Dick Hiddreth, Deanna Hodgkinson, Karen Houglum, Bill Kelley, Margot Kovach, K. C. Kraft, Bonnie Ledford, Betty Legris, Joe Lowry, Margaret Markley (leader), Martha Mitchell, Carol Musson, Merle Palewicz, David Predeek, Alys Riley, Gerta Ross and Greg Wannier.

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