Mount Nebo, Mohawk Valley

November 4, 1979

A steady rain was falling at the start of this long hike, which continued all day, only changing at times to heavy and then very heavy rain!! After arranging a car shuttle at Wendling and departing from Leaburg at 8:30, the party of nine slipped and slithered toward Mt. Nebo (3,407 ft). Crampons would have been appropriate at times! At the top, virtually non-stop, by 12:30. There was no lookout hut, but a curious geological survey platform remains. A usually interesting overlook of Georgia Pacific’s holdings and beyond was blotted out by freezing fog, so our lunch stop was minimal. Many hunters were about on this last day of deer season. Continuing on to Wendling and the warmth of the cars by 3:30 completed our nearly 20 mile hike. Still raining, of course! Damp but in good spirits were: Lori Clark, Bob Devine, Lee Hatch, Dick Hildreth, Deanna Hodgkinson, Betty Legris, Lori Wright, Mike Wright, and leader John Cecil.

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