Yachats to Waldport

November 2, 1979

As often happens, the nine who decided to go hiking on a rainy, overcast day in Eugene, enjoyed a mild, calm, beautiful day on the beach as we walked from Yachats to Waldport. (Some of our most enjoyable hikes occur on bad weather days in the Willamette Valley.)

Our plans to walk one way and shuttle the other way worked beautifully when Bernie Claypool met us in Florence and enabled us to leave our two cars at our destination.

During the previous night, there were heavy rains along the coast. By the time we began our hike, the rains were over, the wind and sea were calmed, and the only remnant of the previous night’s storm was a very high mid-morning tide. We had to walk above the beach for most of the first couple miles. Several places we walked through streams in normally dry areas.

We searched diligently for interesting items washed onto the beach, but found none. We did enjoy watching several seals swimming seaward in the swift outpouring at low tide of the Alsea River.

We enjoyed chatting with new hikers Sandra Jennings, Margaret Hadaway and Bernie Claypool as well as with Obsidians Betty Legris, Bob Devine, Joanne Haines, Liz Igl, Emmy Dale and leader Joe Lowry.

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