Little Cowhorn Mountain

October 21, 1979

Reports of heavy snow accumulation and high winds in the Cascades caused us to switch our destination from Vivian Lake to Little Cowhorn Mountain. The day was sunny and clear. We hadn’t decided the exact destination as we drove up to Fall Creek, so we stopped to chat with Helen Smith. She proposed Gold Point, but mentioned that we could install the shutters on the lookout on Little Cowhorn. The prospect of being useful plus the much longer view caused us to choose Little Cowhorn, even though it is a short hike (one mile). We arrived at the trailhead at 10 a.m., after an interesting drive through logged off land with a lot of hunters about. The ascent was steep but short. The trail was damp but not unusually muddy. There was about an inch of snow at the summit, which the slow ones reached at 11 a.m. The view was magnificent. The Sisters were clear and dressed in new white uniforms. There were some clouds to the north, but in time we saw all the peaks from Diamond to Jefferson. We lunched in the comfort of the lookout, which was a lovely sunroom. After lunch we put up the shutters, a short task for six willing workers. We strolled back down the trail, relieved that the hunters, who had been firing near the trailhead while we were on the summit, had moved on. The last of us arrived in town at 2 p.m. Enjoying the sun and the view were Emmy Dale, Richard Eden, Carl Haga, Deanna Hodgkinson, Tom Whippe, and Joel McClure (leader).

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