Erma Bell Lakes

September 23, 1979

Good start! Left SEHS parking lot at 8:05 (new record for leader). Assembled at Skookum Creek Campground at 10:20 a.m. We each introduced ourselves and gave one hobby or interest not connected with Obsidians. This helped break the ice since there were eleven non-members and eight members. The youngest was Zach Williams aged 16 months, who rode merrily in a backpack carrier. The oldest was—well, never mind! Several persons were in the honorably retired category. The weather was warm, sunny—perfect in every way—no bugs! A brief stop was made at Lower Erma Bell for a snack. Then, on to Middle Erma Bell. Being full of energy the group pressed on to Upper Erma Bell. A funny thing happened on the way. When we reached the large pond about ¼ mile up the trail, the leader suffered one of those inexplicable lapses of memory & announced that Upper Erma Bell looked a bit low this year. So, some of the group went back to Middle Erma Bell to eat lunch. The leader was reminded of his goof by wiser heads so the rest of us went on the rest of the way to Upper Erma Bell where we ate lunch. Some of that group made the circuit of Upper Erma Bell. On arrival back at Middle Erma Dell, the leader offered a personal 1/3 refund of trip fees to those who missed Upper Erma Bell, but they were all kind, understanding and gentle people and nobody took up the offer. Certain things get out of place occasionally. A sweater got left behind twice, a sweat shirt once, and a polka dot hat once. Happily, observant hikers noted the problem each time and put the article back in the hands of the rightful owner. Everyone seemed to enjoy this relaxing, scenic trip. “Everyone” included: Elaine Barnes, Mary Benedict, Emmy Dale, Gladys Grancorvitz, Joella Hadland, Carole Kompanik, Bonnie Ledford, Dot Leland, Jane Lloyd, Sig and Joann Otto (with Eric & Hans), Art & Isabel Porter, Mary Reader, Helen Smith, Mike and Robbie Williams (and Zach), Jim Wood and leader, Jack Ewing.

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