Saddle Lake - Diamond Peak Wilderness

September 22-23, 1979

Saturday we set up base camp at east shore of Fawn Lake and hiked up to Saddle Lake in the Diamond Peak Wilderness area. Lee and Nels then went off to climb Redtop Mountain. The rest of us returned to base camp for dinner and a surprise birthday cake presented to the leader by Lee Hatch. (I won’t say how old, but there were five candles.) We had a very enjoyable campfire by the lake. No campers were in the entire area besides ourselves. 42,000 were in Autzen Stadium, So I guess the Obsidians won’t give the “Ducks” any competition as far as attendance goes this fall. Sunday were up at seven and on our way to climb Lakeview Mountain at 8:30. All on the summit by 11:00 to enjoy a beautiful day and 360 panorama of the entire area. Diamond Peak was almost bare of snow. Going up, some of us got a little too high on a scree slope and had a few thoughts of doom before scrambling up to the saddle, then to the top. We took an easier route down. Back to camp where we rested, swam, waded in the muck, packed our gear and were on our way out to the cars at 3:00. We packed a lot of litter out left at another campsite by errant (I wouldn’t dare mention fishermen). Speaking of fishermen, we saw no evidence whatsoever of any fish in Fawn after camping there for two days. The only wildlife we saw was a chipmunk and plenty of grey jays (they loved our hospitality). This was a very enjoyable overnighter. I finally had plenty of sunshine and stars after getting soaked my last three times out. Participants were: Lee Hatch, Carol Houde, Betty Legris, Greg Murphy, Parker Riddle (leader), Mark Simmons, Nels Tamplin, Andy Thompson, Marie-Anne Thompson and Mary Wainwright.

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