Larison Creek

September 16, 1979

Al Gamache and his small group decided to join the Larison Creek hikers, bringing our number to sixteen. A new trail has been added so now Larison Creek trail extends six miles, so the sign told us. John Cecil, Robin Steussy, Betty Legris, and Mike Wright started off at a fast pace, intending to hike the entire twelve mile round trip. Which they did. However, the last part of the trail was not yet constructed. They followed a ribboned obstacle course over and under and around logs, rocks, brush and streams. The rest of the group hiked about 4½ miles to a pleasant picnic spot by the creek. Enjoying the sun, the forest and the creek were: John Cecil, Al Gamache, Dorothy Hayes, Helen Hughes, Margaret Leary, Bonnie Ledford, Betty Legris, Terry Plaisted, Joyce Phillips, Karen Seidel, Velma Shirk, Robin Steussy, Merle Traudt, Dorothy Turner, Bob Walden, Mike Wright. Leader, Velma Shirk.

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