Oppie Dildock Pass

August 25, 1979

We were on the Scott Trail headed east shortly after ten. The steep hills straight up without switchbacks did not discourage the group. Through several lava fields with a good view of Four-in-One Cone and the peaks to the north before arriving at the junction with the Skyline Trial. On to Minnie Scott Springs where we filled our canteens and then trudged onward to a high ridge overlooking Oppie Dildock Pass where we ate lunch while enjoying the magnificent view. The wind got a little cool and there were dark clouds swirling around the Sisters. Most of the time we could see North Sister but not the others. After lunch the group split into two, one section continued right on and stopped to visit with other people they met—a group who had begun walking from the Mexican border in April and another group of geologists that included “the most handsome man I’ve seen in over a year” according to one Obsidian. The other group climbed from Oppie Dildock Pass up a short but steep incline to view Collier Glacier. The sun came out enough to give the glacier a blue color. With dark clouds forming overhead and the sound of thunder in our ears, we didn’t linger as long as we wanted. The return was via Sunshine Shelter Trail area and Obsidian Trail. On the Obsidian Trail the second group caught up with the first group and, after what seemed like a never ending descent, all finally arrived at Frog Camp by 5:30. After bring back one of the cars from the Scott Trail parking lot, everyone loaded up and headed home. A slightly cloudy sky on and off through the day kept the temperature down, yet did not prevent us from having some good vistas which made fro a long but enjoyable day fro a good group of hikers including: Maude Caldwell, Emmy Dale, Catherine Dunlop, Robert Foster, Wilbur Groner, Joanne Haines, Dorothy Hayes, Karen Houglum, Nieca Irwin, Ruth Lill, Wayne Lill, Gillian Longley, John Mowat, Karen Seidel, Merle Traudt, Eleanor Wilkerson, and leader Richard Heinzkill.

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