Rebel Rock Trail

August 25, 1979

Our dedicated group of eight, one of whom drove down from Corvallis to join us, got off to an early start. By 9:30 a.m. the first of five tough miles was behind us on the steeply pitched trail. As we entered the meadow at mile four, all hands kept a sharp lookout for “the only reputed growth of sage in all of Oregon growing west of the Cascades” It was never sighted, perhaps having succumbed to the rigors of attempted growth in an unfavorable environment. However, a profusion of wild flowers in bloom assuaged our disappointment.

The spirits of our group were further refreshed by lunch atop Olallie Vantage Point with views of Mt. Jeff, the Three Sisters and Bachelor Butte. Following this, a short trek brought us down to the site of the former Rebel Rock Lookout.

Here we were rewarded by:

  1. a fine view of the drainage of the E. Fork of the McKenzie River and
  2. an unexpected meeting with an old friend, Mary Bridgeman, hard at work while all of us lolled around under warm, sunny skies.

With a gravity assist, the trip back to our cars was made in record time, especially the stretch past a swarm of irate wild bees. Unfortunately, 25% of our party got stung, the bees being faster on the draw than we were on the run.

The members of our hardy group were: Dorris Allen, Diane Bricher, Lori Clark, Lee Hatch, Betty Legris, Ed Lichtenstein, Susan Meyer, and leader, Bob Devine.

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