Black Crater

August 18, 1979

Party of 11 and one infant left Eugene at 8:05 a.m. Drove up the McKenzie under leaden skies, and light drizzle. We had a rest stop at McKenzie Bridge, them continue on to the trail head, arriving there at 10:15. At this point light rain was falling so Don and Kathy Gordon and their infant son decided not to make the hike. The 9 hikers who were left started up the trail at 10:30, with a fast group in the lead, and the leader hanging back towards the tail end. The trail was fairly damp from previous rains, but was in very good shape. Only drizzle along the way, until I reached about the 2/3 mark on the trail. Then the rain really came down in earnest. The lead group had reached the top right at noon, and they took cover as best they could find it at the top of the mountain. Four of us took cover in some trees lower down and when it let up a bit, the leader continued on to the top, arriving there at 1 p.m. Met the first on way down just as I was arriving. Bob Foster and John Cecil stayed with me on top for a few minutes, whi1e I ate a little lunch, then we a1l started back for the cars. The rest of the group had started down ahead of us, and it was probably a good thing. The rain really came down all the way back to the cars. Everyone was wet and a little chilled, but all agreed that it was a good hike just the same, and the fresh air was really invigorating. This was a rea1ly good bunch of people, whom I hope to to have the pleasure of going on many more trips with. We left the trailhead at 2 p.m. and arrived home at 4:30. The stalwart hikers were: Elaine and John Bay, John Cecil and his son Jon, Bob Foster, leader Al Gamache, Berry Merzler, Susan Meyer and Ethel Steussy.

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