Obsidian Loop

August 11, 1979

The party gathered at 29th & Patterson at the usual 6 a.m. hour and proceeded in three cars to Frog Camp where we started on the trail shortly after 8. Weather was cool to start and the trail dusty. It warmed up to jacket removal at the base of the lava but did not get really hot the whole day. The group was very interested and interesting as we treked through the lava White Branch Creek, up the grade to Camp Riley, Camp Montague, Camp Beverly to Obsidian Camp. Some flowers were out along the way and much enjoyed by the group. Several birds, deer and squirrels were seen. After lunch we climbed the penthouse, noting that someone had tied a large group of horses in the area between Obsidian Camp and the Penthouse, leaving lots of loose dirt and not many plants. Views were excellent. We then proceeded to the creek junction, and on up to the falls. Jim Blanchard had a sign, though a small one, asking people not to camp on the meadows. Water at Sisters springs cold as ever. Obsidian as nice as ever. Returned to White Branch via Sunshine which was less crowded than usual. At White Branch met a Forest Service photographer looking for Jim Blanchard, whom we had not seen. She is taking picture items in specific areas for Forest Service use and slide shows. Came on out a bit weary but happy with the nice day that did not get too hot. Only bad point was the leader’s car was rammed from the rear entering the south Eugene parking lot by a hit-and-run driver. Damage big but not disabling. No injuries.

Along with Robin and Kenneth Lodewick were: Edrey S. Anker, Maude Caldwell, Lori Clark, Catherine Dunlop, Bob Foster, Ruth Lill, Wayne Lill, Rachel Major, Joyce Phillips, Becky Randall, Tom Stern, Eleanor Wilkerson and John Yarnevich.

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