Fall Creek Falls–Vivian Lake

July 29, 1979

It was one of Oregon’s beautiful summer days that we made the Fall Creek Falls–Vivian Lake Hike. Not to be confused with the Fall Creek Trail above the Fall Creek Dam, this Fall Creek Trail starts at the Salt Creek Camp Ground and proceeds up to the cliffs overlooking Salt Creek, then to Too Much Bear Lake, through a beautiful stand of trees, crosses the S.P. Railroad tracks, goes down a logging road to the point where it crosses Diamond Creek on a log bridge. About a half mile from that point, Fall Creek has to be crossed where the bridge has been washed out. Most hikers did a good balancing act crossing the creek on fallen trees, some “shinnied” across and still others waded across—anyway, we all made it safely. A short distance from this point, we entered the Wilderness Area and started our steep 2½ miles ascent to Vivian Lake. Much of the time, we could either hear or see the cascading creek and were “cooled” by its rushing sound. We arrived at Fall Creek Falls about lunch time and after “drinking” of its beauty, about half of our group opt to spend some time along the creek to enjoy its restful waters. The rest of the group “mushed” on up the grade about another mile and a half to Vivian Lake. Being a sunny, warm day it was inspiring to view the clean, clear waters of the lake while we studied the variegated colors indicating various depths. Wanting to drink in as much of its beauty as possible, we hiked around the lake and at the far end were rewarded with a clear view of Mt. Yoran with the lake in the foreground. As the hike back to the cars was “down all the way”, we were able to regenerate some of our strength and enjoy the excitement of crossing the creek on fallen trees with out nary a one of us getting dunked. All in all, it was a delightful experience on a beautiful day! There were eleven non-members and eight members of the Obsidians on this hike including Vic Bellotti, Bob Capron, Ray Cavagnaro, Holly Chism, Karen Houglum, Audrey Justice, Betty & Robert Mangers, Dorothy Medill, Joel McClure, the Richard, Barbara, Charlotte, Julie & Brandt Scherer Family, Marty Sullivan, Merle Traudt and Clarence & Dorothy Scherer, co-leaders.

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