Cascade Head

July 14, 1979

What a pity so few people were able to make this trip! Maybe it was the early departure time or the long drive or the expense. We had such a good time, we would have loved to have shared it with more of our friends. That Saturday was one of those perfect sunny, clear blue sky days at the coast that is usually more of a dream than a reality. If you have never been to Cascade Head, especially on a sunny, clear day, you have a special treat in store. The lush woods with its sheep sorrel floor and the sun’s rays filtering through reminds one of an enchanted forest. You expect a leprechaun to jump onto the trail at any time. As you continue up the hill, the woods open into a lovely meadow which slopes sharply down to the ocean on both sides. A brisk wind pours over the crest from the north and spills down the south slope, rippling the grass like waves on the ocean. From the tip of the head you see the vast expanse of ocean ahead, a lovely sand spit and beach to the south and a rocky precipice and rugged shore line to the north. We sunbathed on the head for at least an hour after lunch, then came back down to the road to try to find a way over to the lovely beach. Unfortunately there are no roads, so one must bring a boat and row across. We took 101 south to Newport, then to I-5 via Corvallis. On 101 we stopped at the Lincoln County Art Gallery and gift shop and at a fish stand for shrimp and crab cocktails. We had a great time and hope you can come next time. Enjoying this trip with leader Joella Hadland were Gladys Grancorvitz and Bonnie Ledford.

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