North & South Matthieu Lakes

July 8, 1979

Since the group was large—23 members & six non-members—I split the group into two sections (fast & slow). David Predeek volunteered to lead the fast group. Thanks Dave. The day was a bit cloudy but cool and lovely. There were only a few patches of snow on the trail which surprised me as I thought there would be more. A few mosquitoes showed up for battle but we came prepared and drove them off with our repellants. The majestic Cascade Mountains and lovely, tranquil alpine lakes were always present. The wild flowers were out and the following were identified: penstemon, mountain heather, cinquefoil, pussy toes, elephant head, shooting stars, lupine, queen’s cup, elderberry, bear grass, wild strawberry, marsh marigolds, wild parsley, yellow & purple wood violets, kinnikinnic. The following birds were identified by the group: Pine Siskin, blue jay, grey jay, hummingbird, alpine wren. Everybody seemed to have a swell time sliding in the snow fields, exploring the lakes, and enjoying the vistas. It is certainly enjoyable sharing a wilderness experience with one another. On the trail were Carol & Lonnie Bourgerie, Margaret Brittain, Joice Brooker, Bob Devine, Donna Ferchland, Al, Theresa, Christine and Mark Gamache, Joella Hadland, Karen Houglum, Gordon Kadar, Mark Kontny, Joe Lowry, Bee & Bob Meserole, Clarence & Dorothy Scherer, Lon & Devon Southard, Cathy Stroh, Merle Traudt, Bob Walden, Dorothy Turner, Flo Moore, Elizabeth McMullen, assistant leader David Predeek & leader, Parker Riddle.

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