Bohemia Mountain

July 4, 1979

The group left Eugene under cloudy skies at 8:00 a.m., stayed under clouds or in them until noon. Not much was visible as scenery from the summit, so time was spent checking the flowers, two kinds of penstemons, onions, phlox, sulphur flowers and lomatiums. Went down to the park for lunch where we were met by Harold & Lois Barton who conducted a tour of the Musik mine properties and talked about the mining and what minerals were involved. Most of the people came directly home, but some went to Fairview lookout to see the country and others stopped along the way home to look at plants, etc. A discussion with Emmy Dale brought out that this could be considered a qualifying trip due to the steepness and roughness of the trail.

Flower and mine viewers were Dana & Jon Belcher, Judy Carmondy, John Cecil, Bob Devine, Pat Dulsman, Ron & Susie Crosilneck, Gladys Grancorvitz, Dorothy Hayes, Bob Holmquist, Karen Houglum, Trudy Kelliher, Bonnie Ledford, Ruth & Wayne Lill, Sarah Mahler, Anne Montgomery, Nancy & Roman Ross, Gwen Moore, Sandra Larsen, Ethel & Robin Steussy, Emmy Dale and leaders Robin & Ken Lodewick.

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