Mt. Yoran

June 24, 1979

The gasoline shortage of the summer of ’79 was apparent when one of our drivers had to turn back at Oakridge when she couldn’t find a service station open between Eugene and Oakridge. Her riders doubled up in our other cars. We enjoyed the abundant rhododendrons of the drive to the trailhead. There was 2–3 feet of snow along much of the trail which slowed our progress considerably. We had lunch at an excellent viewpoint from where we could enjoy the panoramic view of Diamond and Yoran. Because of time and trail conditions, we decided not to proceed the last half-mile to Yoran. We found it considerably easier going out to retrace our footprints in the snow than we did trying to locate blazes for the trail going in. Hikers were: Marge Brittain, Lorayne Chapman, Bob Devine, Evelyn Everett, Donna Ferchland, Dorothy Hayes, Gordon Kadar, Marjorie Kelm, Dot Leland, Ruth Lill, Wayne Lill, Gillian Longley, Joe Lowry, Ruth Romoser, Pauline Sandoz, Helen Smith, Merle Traudt, Dorothy Turner and Mike Wright. Joe Lowry, leader.

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