Santiam Lake

June 23, 1979

It was a perfect day for hiking; sunny but not hot and with a gentle breeze. Eighteen persons of all ages—the youngest being 12 months old and the oldest in his seventies—had a pleasant 5½ mile hike from Santiam Pass to Santiam Lake. Actually, if the truth be known, the youngest member slept through a good deal of the journey. Mosquitos were more than a little annoying over the first mile and a half of trail, but blessedly disappeared after we left the P.C.N.S.T. at the junction to Duffy Lakes and Santiam Lake. There was some snow covering the trail as we passed the high point of the trip (5200 ft) and dropped down to Santiam Lake . . . just enough to keep it interesting.

We were able to spend an hour lolling around at the Lake . . . enjoying the spectacular view of Three Fingered Jack and watching the youngest member of the group try out his newly acquired walking skills over the rough ground. Two of the hardier members, Bill Eimstad and Tom Stern, actually went swimming, not once, but twice!

On the way back out, the group split into two factions at the mid-point, with those who were eager to get on home being led out by Dave Predeek. Five of us returned at a more leisurely pace . . . at least until we hit the mosquitos again. Those of us who elected to stay with the rear guard were especially glad of our choice when on the last rest stop Tom Stern pulled a quarter of a watermelon from his pack to share with us! A point of interest for the cross-country skiers of the group was the discovery of a broken off ski tip, marooned in the dusty trail. One could only hope that the leg that went with it fared better.

Those participating on the eleven-mile hike were Pat Diller, Steve & Joan Chipman, Lori Clark, Bill Eimstad, Don & Kathy Gordon with son, Clarence Landes, Betty Legris, Nancy Means, Dave Predeek, Velma Shirk, Georgia Sharp, Tom Stern, Ethel Steussy with leader Bea Fontana and navigator Wes Prouty.

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