Cannon Beach to Oswald West Park

May 26-28, 1979

We traveled the freeway to Portland area where we turned off on the Sunset Highway (#26) which took us easily to Cannon Beach. We was cool at the outset, but the day of hiking on the beach was easy and very beautiful. Getting around Hug Point at low tide was earlier and easier than anticipated, so we made camp in the woods above Arch Cape with plenty of light.

The second day of hiking took the party of twelve over Arch Cape through an old woods of Sitka Spruce, Red Cedar and Hemlock, continuing over the headlands through the woods on Cape Falcon. All the while, the weather was rather changeable, but no drenching rain for this stretch. Scenery was dramatic and varied.

Our second camp was space 13 at Oswald West Park which is a haven for surf board fans because the cove has excellent waves for surfing. Being Memorial Day weekend, there were quite a large number of campers. We saw a good deal more of the Tillamook Sheriff’s party than we did of the camp rangers. The camp was relatively quiet for the number of campers.

Monday morning we awoke to a downpour and agreed to head for home, rather than climb Neahkanie Mtn. One car went north, and two chose the slower coast route home. It was tempting to write a saga, rather than a report. Anyone who would like to hear more about this excursion can ask Mary Bridgeman, Bob Devine, Gladys Grancorvitz, Jane Hackett, Dorothy Hayes, Betsy Hyde, Val Londquist, Robin & Ethel Steussy, Paula Vehrs, Jannie White, or the leader Emmy Dale.

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