Mt. June

May 26, 1979

The usual—three “sign-ups” did not show and four showed up without signing up or calling! To call is an easy effort! The trail was in good shape including the short areas where recent logging had crossed the trail. The group was appreciative of the experience and was generous in their attitude, especially in light of the fact that the fog had moved to cover the summit of Mt. June by the time we got to the top (12:15 noon) so that we saw each other and a lot of “goose-pimples.”

Our reward enroute was many springtime flowers, good company, and hopes of a better view of the “snow-covered” Cascade Range next time. Flowers seen were yellow violets, manzanita, pink phlox, Scotch broom, wild parsley (Desert Gold), spring queen, spring beauty, wild currant, dogwood, calypso bulbosa (lady slipper), trillium, erythronium (lamb’s tongue) and many more.

My thanks to all hands: Wendy Chernack, Wilbur Groner, Debby Handler, Catherine Jones, Wayne and Ruth Lill, Sandra Larsen, Helen Lynch, Elizabeth McMullin, Jerry Nichols, Lou Qualls, Karen Seidel, Lois Schreiner, Beverly Soule, Helen Smith, Laurie Weinstein, Margaret Wiese, Brad & Sue Wilkinson, and leader Clarence Landes.

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