Finley Wildlife Refuge

May 13, 1979

Everyone arrived at the parking lot promptly so we were able to leave without delay. Our first stop on the refuge yielded some nice views of a Savannah Sparrow in full song. Next we hiked into the Brown Swamp area, where everyone got good looks at Common Yellowthroats, which were present in abundance. Near the refuge office, we watched the Cliff Swallows at their nests under the eaves of the barn, and hiked up behind the barn to find a Rufous Hummingbird. We ate lunch sitting on the grassy hill behind the barn.

The day was growing warmer, and Cabell Marsh yielded only a few lazy Mallards after lunch, so we headed toward Poison Oak Loop and some shaded habitat. On the way, we encountered several California Quail along the roadside. Warblers and Flycatchers greeted us on Poison Oak Loop, where everyone had some excellent views of Black-throated Gray Warblers in particular.

We kept-up a very relaxed pace throughout the day, and took time to look at plants and wildlife, both. We saw deer, bullfrogs, salamanders, a lizard, lots of pretty moths and butterflies, and 42 species of birds. The wildlife, in turn, saw seven humans: Ron Ackerman, Mary Mathis, Glenn Meares, Ethel Steussy, Ann Zeman, Jeanne Wojack, and leader Barbara Combs.

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