Mt. Pisgah

May 6, 1979

When we arrived at Mt. Pisgah we were met by a CETA worker who showed us the improvements being made at the Arboretum site. He took us around the newly constructed trails and fern garden. Not knowing whether the sunshine would last, we decided to leave the Arboretum and head straight up the side of the mountain following the open meadows. As we reached the top 45 minutes later, it was partly cloudy and windy, but no rain. We could still see some good view of the valley. Coming off the top we took the regular path back down to the parking area. Along the way we found zeolite, identified various wild flowers and Ewart pointed out what weathered or rotted basalt rock looks like. The rock is exposed along the trail. Before leaving, we visited the Arboretum office, which has plant displays and information for visitors. We then saw the holding site for trees and shrubs where Ewart identified a small dawn Redwood tree. We were also pleased to see the large lily pond which is being cleared out for a display pond for water plants. The Arboretum recently obtained a 30-year lease, so development can now continue on the 11.8 acres. Escaping the downpours in Eugene were Ron Ackerman, Ewart Baldwin, Elise Cohn, Lorayne Chapman, Bobby Kalbfleisch, Mary Mathis and leader Dot Leland.

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