Waldport to Yachats

April 21, 1979

We had perfect spring weather for our seven-mile hike down the beach from Waldport to Yachats. The day was sunny, temperature climbed to 70° and the ocean was nearly calm. We had a treat at the beginning when we saw a colony of sea lions sunning on the beach near the mouth of the Alsea River. We arrived at the tidal pools just north of Yachats shortly after low tide at 2:00 p.m. Some hikers explored sea life in the pools while the four drivers went back to Waldport to retrieve all the cars. We enjoyed getting acquainted with several first-time hikers who we hope to see on future trips. Beachcombers were Larry & Zotty Cash, Helen Cummings, Ron Galan, Wilbur Groner, David & Lance Jones, Anne Montgomery, Alice & David Prideaux, Sara Purdy, Ted Stern, Beverly Soule, Merle Traudt, Bob Walden and leader Joe Lowry.

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