Mt. Hagan

April 1, 1979

Ten hikers assembled in real “April Fool” weather that promised a soaking trip up 3,330 ft. Mount Hagan near Nimrod. The starting power-line road appeared to get steeper on each succeeding bend. Eventually the trail proper was reached, unmaintained, over-gown and little used. Near the summit the trail disappears entirely; by then snow is thick on the ground. Cold, cold! In the wooden look out on top it’s even colder. Lunch was shivered through. No view as snow was falling quite heavily, but frozen hands could be thawed by Hagan’s ever-present, ever-reverberating generator exhaust (thanks Lee!!!). Descending and out of the snow onto the muddy trail, we were soon back on the highway under clearing skies. Spirits high and a leisurely coffee stop. Glowing faces . . . a really enjoyable hike was the consensus. As promised, a “Wooden Spoon” short-cut award to Emmy Dale and Ted Stern. Cap Hagan walkers were Emmy Dale, Lee Hatch, Marj & Ken Koblas, Betty Legris, Ruth Romoser, Henrietta Richmond, Ted Stern, Robin Steussy and leader John Cecil.

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