Shotgun Creek BLM Park

March 18, 1979

After a short drive up the beautiful Mohawk Valley, a group of 15 left the Shotgun Creek Recreation Area on the four-mile trail around the Park. There were many varied stands of second growth forest, much fern, early flowers and brilliant green moss which was especially beautiful after the sun came out. The weather was varied—some light rain, overcast and some brief periods of sun-shine. The trail offers some pretty views of the river, old virgin timber stumps, woodsy trail plus some cut-over areas. The hike makes an interesting Sunday afternoon exercise experience through a very scenic area a relatively short distance from the city. Shotgun, trekkers were Angela Barta, Lorene Bressler, Laurel Carlson, Ray Cavagnaro, Edith Ellis, Irene Evans, Everett & Ruth Hughes, Meike Hutchison, Ellen Jackson, Allan Prichard, Lois Schreiner, Merle Traudt, and leaders Dorothy & Clarence Scherer.

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