Old Baldy, Coburg Hills

March 11, 1979

A drying trend mopped up most of Old Baldy’s latent sogginess, and what had promised to be a wet, waterlogged outing turned out to be a pleasant, slightly-damp-underfoot 11-mile jaunt. A sharp getaway saw the party at the power-line access road far down McKenzie View Drive, and through blackberry brambles and stream bed on to Old Baldy proper. Lunch at the top (2,990 ft.) under clearing skies (which never did completely). Descending by a little-used route (power cable path to TV Tower Channel 9 and BLM Road 17-2-8) and then climbing up Lockard Road took us to a “pristine” (?) overlook of Hayden Bridge (and Weyerhaeuser mill!!), only partly spoiled as yet by the marks of trail bikes. One final plunge down through a steep, stoney gully returned us to our original starting point Power Line and back to the car. Old Baldy hikers were Emmy Dale, Dwight Glazier, Lee Hatch, Bob Walden, and leader John Cecil.

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