Herm Fitz—Farming for Self-Sufficiency

January 20, 1979

The January program at the Lodge, Herm Fitz’s “Farming for Self-Sufficiency” was an inspiration to one and all of the 40 present. Herm, with the help of students in his class at McKenzie High School near Blue River, and a few members of the community, several years ago reclaimed less than an acre garbage dump and converted it into a farm. Here every step from seed to raw material to finished product is actually experienced. Also all the material for a handsome barn was scrounged and built by the students. He is surely making a great contribution to these students at a critical time in their lives. And as though that were not enough, for the past five years Fitz and his wife have been building their dream house—just about finished—on their farm nearby . . . Oh, yes, we also had lots of good camaraderie, excellent food and a blazing fire, thanks to the efforts of everyone, but particularly the loyal potluck committee . . . Though you missed it, you are still included in Fitz’s invitation to come by the farm for a tour next time you’re in that area.

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