Middle Sister

September 30, 1979

Ten of us climbed the Middle Sister on a beautiful fall Sunday. One of the advantages of late in the season climbs is that very few people are in the Sunshine area. We met only six other persons on the mountain. The weather was beautiful, no wind. Visibility was great—could see as far north as Mt. Adams and south as far as Mt. McLoughlin. Donna Ferchland, after vowing to many Obsidians that she was only a hiker and never planned to climb any mountains, was lured bit-by-bit up the slopes until she was at the summit. She had planned only to “hike around a little until the group came back.”

Dick Moffitt also completed, with this climb, his 10 Peak Lead. Somehow the Middle Sister had been overlooked before.

Those climbing were Obsidians: Doris Allen, Donna Ferchland, Rose Marie Moffitt and Leader Dick Moffitt. Other persons on the climb were Ted Allen, Kirk Erickson, Anna Furnsteiner, Gunther Furnsteiner, Mark Kontny and Mike Campy.

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