Three Fingered Jack

August 25, 1979

We arrived at the skyline trail head at 6:00 a.m. Saturday morning and started up the trail. After about three miles, we took off cross country towards the ridge. We soon arrived at the crawl where John and Lenore McManigal turned back due to bad weather. I then went up on my own and soon was sitting on the summit looking at some rather mean looking thunder clouds. I then started down, went by the crawl, and descended down on the scree slopes to the skyline trail where the thunder and lightning started. It also hailed very hard. The hail stones were just a little smaller than golf balls. This was the only part for which a hard hat was needed so I just stood underneath a tree for half an hour and just watched the downpour of white golf balls. After the hail stopped and the ground was white, I hiked on out to the cars and drove home. Those on the climb were John, Lenore and Kevin McManigal.

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