Mt. Jefferson

August 17-19, 1979

Of the nine people signed for this trip, four showed up despite the recent rain and overcast sky. All agreed we should see what the weather was like near the mountain, and loaded gear and selves into leader’s pickup for ride to Pamelia Lake trailhead. We hiked in heavy overcast past Pamelia Lake, Hunts Cove and Shale Lake, and set up camp near Goat Peak. About this time we weren’t too sure we shouldn’t have stayed in town.

The weather was clear, calm, and sunny as we headed for the summit at 6:00 a.m. Saturday. By 9:00 a.m. we were well up the south ridge, but the wind was blowing hard and we discussed returning to camp, but leader agreed to go on at least to Red Saddle. On arrival there the wind had died down and we made the traverse across the 250 foot snow field easily in a light snow shower. We settled on a route up the west face of the north pinnacle and were on the summit by noon. We took the easy north side down, crossed the snow field without incident and headed for camp in dense fog (visibility about 150 feet). Half way to camp the skies cleared momentarily and we found we were far off course to the west. Eventually found camp at 7:30.

Rose Sunday morning with hail and rain, and a coating of fresh snow on the mountain. Hiking to car in steady rain were Barb Liepe, Kate Conant, David Lewinsohn and leader Lee Hatch.

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