Middle Sister

July 28-29, 1979

Middle Sister, 10,047 feet, standing tall and beautiful between Faith and Charity, was climbed on July 29th by a determined group of nineteen Obsidians and friends. Blue skies greeted us and we were up at 4:00 a.m. Sunday and on our way at 5:00 from base camp just above Sunshine. Climbing time to the summit was 4 to 5 hours. First time climbers were Mark Kontny, Wilbur Groner, Lance Brooker, & Maude Caldwell. Henrietta Richmond completed her Three Sisters to earn the Obsidian Three Peak Award. Congratulations Henrietta. Paula Vehrs and Joyce Brooker decided to enjoy the sun from the saddle; the rest of the group huffed and puffed up to the summit. Wayne Hatch secured a hand line on the steep patch of snow above the saddle and was first on top. Thanks goes to Ray Bradley for rear ending the group. Thanks also goes to Lee Hatch for just being there. It seemed like a reunion this weekend. Jim Blanchard (Forest Service) was at Arrowhead checking wilderness permits; Frank Moore was climbing North and Middle with a group of five Obsidian explorers; Dale Moon and dog Toko were on top with skis; ten Mazamas were down from Portland to share our rope on the snow field; Sam Miller was on top holding a seven hour wake for departed friend Bert Ewing (I don’t know where Bert departed to but rest assured he’s alive and well clinging to a ’biner at some high place in space).

The trail from the lava flow out was dust. The parking lot at Frog Camp can not accommodate adequately all the cars in mid-summer. Also a physical phenomenon was observed—the trail to White Branch from Frog Camp is four miles going in and six miles coming out. Great weekend had by all. P.S. The purple Lupine were in all their glory. Climbers were Ray Bradley, Lance Brooker, Maude Caldwell, Emmy Dale, Mary Ellen de la Pena, Bob Devine, Al Gamache, Wilbur Groner, Jane & Mike Hackett, Lee & Wayne Hatch, Dorothy Hayes, Mark Kontny, Henrietta Richmond, Arran & leader Parker Riddle.

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