North Sister

July 14-15, 1979

We met at Frog Camp and decided to regroup again at the old Sunshine Shelter site to allow for different hiking speeds. Upon arriving at the site we decided to camp there as the upper part was covered with snow. After setting up camp and eating dinner, two of the party still had not shown. They finally came and it seems they hiked the Obsidian Loop (not intentionally). Don Ladigin made an igloo in a large snow bank to sleep in. It was quite a conversation piece around the meadows that night.

We arose at 3:00 a.m. and started climbing at 4:00 a.m. It was a clear, warm day; beautiful climbing weather. We arrived at the snow traverse just as another party came back across. It looked like a long way across the thing. It turned out to be huge. I had to use two 120' and one 150' ropes and two snow flukes to secure the traverse. When I finally reached the end of the snow, I saw that Bert Ewing (who had climbed the north ridge and camped below Glisan Peak) had left me a little gift with my name on it. (Thanks Bert, it was really quite refreshing.) We rigged up a hand line up the right side of the chute. The upper end was covered with ice. All were on top by 10:30 a.m. Very nice day. Descent was uneventful except for Don Ladigin who had packed crosscountry skis to the saddle and had a nice run back to camp. A very enjoyable climb with a great bunch of people. Climbers were Willie Bronson, Don Payne, Gary Bretencort, Don Ladigin, Rick Ley, Ed Lovegren, Glenn Meares, Bill McWhorter, Jack Nitzel, Don Scronic, Bill Williams, and leader Randy Zustiak.

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