Mt. Hood

May 20, 1979

Thirty-four climbers “checked-in” at the lower parking lot at Timberline Lodge at 8:30 p.m. Saturday night. Some slept on the ground, snow, and others in rooms in Timberline Lodge. Assembled at 5:00 a.m. at dawn, and left the Lodge at 5:30 a.m. Most other climbers on the way near the top by then. Roped up at the usual place at Crater Rock after following the path around the rock, and put on crampons. Long lines of climbers going up and coming down the usual route and Mazama alternate route (the chute). 12:00 noon all on top for an almost windless panoramic view marred only slightly by haze and first forest fires. Most ate lunch, rested and signed “the book.” First ascent for most, “10th peak” for Steven McManigal. Bobby Moffitt, Richard Steffensen led by Steve McManigal skied off the “top-most-top” down the chute, and to Timberline for a swim in the pool! (An official Post 165—Explorer Climb, also.) Had to wait in line to come down across the widening crevasse. Climb sorta’ officially ended as climbers sat on plastic or their snow suits and slid back to almost the lodge in the well-worn slides created by the “hundreds” of previous climbers. Most back to the cars by 3:30 p.m.

Met Bert Ewing’s Wy’east party of 6–8 climbers who traversed the summit. Over 40 Obsidian climbers on Mt. Hood in one day!! Thirty-four started in our group and thirty-two made the summit. Climbers were John and Rea Moffitt, Richard Steffensen, Steven McManigal, Bobby, Dick and Rose Marie Moffitt, Cliff and Ruth BreMiller, Liz and Ted Igl, Robert Lynch, Ken Daletas, Roger Doggett, Pat & Oliver Thornton, Bus Renuick, Gary Guttormsen, Herb, Brad & Kindra DeVos, Jom and Tony Essman, Mike, Fred, Marlene and Derick Van Wyck, John Connally, Faith and Bill Kinkle, Dick Bushness, Gunther and Anna Furensteiner, and leader Bob Moffitt. Ted Igl and Roger Doggett stopped short of the summit.

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