Obsidian Lodge Climbing School

May 10,17,24, 1979

Over twenty people participated in this year’s climbing school. They learned various knots, and rope handling techniques and were given instruction in many aspects of mountaineering such as weather, equipment, mountain accidents, etc. Each night we practiced climbing, belaying, and rappelling. I would like to thank Wes, Lee, Frank, and Clarence for their help.

A partial list of participants follows: (all persons did not sign the roster) Willie Bronson, Judy Carmody, Emmy Dale, Elizabeth Glover, Roger Goodwin, Gary Gretencort, Jane Hackett, Lee Hatch, Merelee Hisel (7), Clarence Landes, Wes Prouty, Betty Legris, Frank Moore, Don Payne, Gene and Tammy Thaxton, Pat and Randy Zustiak, leader.

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