Fall Color Bus Trip

October 21, 1979

It turned out to be a beautiful day with much color—some red and some white! And blue sky over the Pass. There was just enough snow on the pass to give a wintry appearance, but no trouble for the bus. Because the old McKenzie Highway had been closed the day before, we could not see that section of the planned trip.

The Cove Palisades State Park was its usual spectacular scene, down in a gorge below the main level abut 1000 feet. Lunch in the sunshine and green grass and colorful explanation of the geology by Ewart Baldwin. More of the same at Smith Rocks with its rocky spires and rock climbers. Ewart explained that Petersons Rock Gardens is a collection of rocks by an early settler who came early enough to collect some of the best specimens of geology anywhere in Oregon. They were displayed both in extensive display cases in the museum as well as rock sculptures in the gardens. One unique feature of the trip was that beautiful weather provided a spectacular skyline view of Mt. Hood on the north to the Three Sisters and Broken Top on the south, in one grand sweep.

Those on the trip included: Majorie Eaton, Cliff_ and Hazel Stalsberg, Merle Traudt, Margaret Baldwin, R. O. and Nellie McWilliams, Dorothy Medill, Virginia DeMers, Elwina Meechum, Ruth Williams, Lillian Johnson, Art Johnson, Margaret Barnard, Barbara Combs, Grace Smith, Beulah Barker, Jennell Moorehead, Paula Vehrs, Helen Keiser, Bertha Ross, Frances Newsom, Gladys Grancorvitz, Helen Stoval and Bertha Richardson. Leaders were Ewart Baldwin and Bill Eaton.

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