Hayrick Butte

March 19, 1978

Our wide-awake group left Eugene on a beautiful, clear, sunny “typical” March morning in a three-vehicle caravan. The day was equally nice at the nearly empty HooDoo parking lot when we started up toward the saddle between HooDoo and Hayrick. The snow level was 2–3 feet with the tops of small evergreens and a few big boulders poking above the snow. We enjoyed lunch and a perfect uncluttered view of Mt. Washington from the west bank of still frozen Big Lake. On the way back around the north side of Hayrick, two of our group broke ski tips while “practicing” falls on two of the many runs that were made down several interesting slopes. As one owner of a broken ski said, “I don’t mind since I wanted new skis anyway, and sales are on now.” Nonmembers Jim Brenner, Alan Davey, Steve Healy, Dennis Kleinberg, Jim and Steve Northrop, Terry Rumph and Shawn Werneberg joined members Bea Fontana and Joe Lowry, the only person on snowshoes, who ended up leading the group from a point at or near the rear.

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