Rosary Lakes

March 18, 1978

Two carloads of skiers arrived at the Willamette Pass parking area, and were soon on the trail leading to the first of the Rosary Lakes three miles away. The snow on the trail was firm (down-right hard if you sat down accidentally), but it softened as the temperature rose. We arrived at the lake before noon, and enjoyed nearly 2½ hours there, doing whatever we pleased. After lunch some headed over toward the next lake, while several others took advantage of some instruction of cross country skiing. Ross Hudson of the Eugene Parks & Recreation was instructing at a “drop-in” snow school. Much as we hated to leave, it was soon time to return to the cars and we headed out, spilling a few times along the way. We returned to Eugene shortly after 5:00 p.m. in time for some to make it to the Obsidian potluck.

A beautiful day, sunny and warm, and a very satisfying ski trip. Participants were: Emeline Dale, Liz Glover, Dave & Larry Luke, Richard Heinzkill, Demetri Liontos, Herb McMurtry, Mike Northrop, Merle Traudt and leader Norman Benton.

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