Windy Point

February 26, 1978

We left about 7:30 a.m. with a light rain and heavy overcast. The weather broke east of Santiam Summit; it was a pleasure to see blue sky, clouds and sunshine. We were on skis by 10:00 near the snowgate. We encountered occasional snow flurries, but it was an easy trip with the faster skiers arriving half an hour before the other. All arrived about noon and had a trail lunch. The clouds were continuing to pour over the summit so we missed the view of Mt. Washington. Also, since this was a windy point, after a quick look around and some picture taking, it was time to head for Sisters and those coffee rolls someone kept mentioning. Skiers were May Downey, Liz Glover, Dorothy and Roger Hayes, Kevin and Michelle Hedgepeth, Jeff Hollingsworth, Nick Maskal, Merle Traudt, and Mike and leader Allen Niems.

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