Square Lake

February 25, 1978

Some sun, clouds, snowflakes and slippery spring type snow all combined to make an enjoyable trip for eight skiers and one snowshoes. Lava Lake Road, our original destination, was plowed out so we went instead to the Pacific Crest Trail and skied in toward Square Lake. We decided not to go down to the Lake because of the snow condition on the steep part of the trail. So we had lunch and came back to the cars by 2:00 p.m. Although the trail seems level there were lots of ups and downs to make for a four-mile workout. A leisurely stop at McKenzie Bridge for refreshments was thoroughly enjoyed by our congenial group. This ended a most pleasant day for the following: Larry and Jeff Cash, Al Hurtt, Helen Smith, Bonnie Ledford, Merle Traudt and leader Dorothy Leland.

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