Hoodoo to Clear Lake Cut-off

February 19, 1978

The weather could not have been more perfect for the 17 who gathered for the ski tour from HooDoo to Fish Lake. We had clear skies and T-shirt temperatures. After leaving a car on FS 1370 between Clear Lake and Fish Lake, we met near the red chair at HooDoo. Our route took us over the saddle between HooDoo and Hayrick Buttes, then west through burned over flats where we enjoyed mountain views and lunch. Later we survived fast runs on the old Santiam Wagon Road, past Sand Mountain through forests and then lava. Marge Tull decided to do her skiing near HooDoo and met us on FS 1370 with the Tull’s van. Anne and Ken Hillyer also did not complete the trip because what had seemed to be simple car sickness progressed to a more incapacitating ailment. Snowmobiles served a useful purpose by transporting the ailing skier and her father back to HooDoo. The remaining skiers enjoyed the sun and melting snow, the ever changing terrain and the scenery. Participating in the tour were Scott Butterworth, Jerry Dasso, Dot and Ron Leland, Melva Edrington, Anne and Ken Hillyer, Leona Mattson, Hank Plant, Wes Prouty, Henrietta Richmond, Charlene Simpson, Don and Mange Tull, Jo Ann and leaders Mike and Velma Shirk.

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