Odell—Fawn—Crescent Lakes

February 4, 1978

Four cars with passengers arrived at Odell Lake Resort. The drivers unboarded all passengers and all ski equipment and went on to Crescent Lake, where they had to park about 500 meters from the Fawn Lake Trail in a parking lot reserved for that purpose. Three drivers left their cars there and jumped in Parker’s car; then we rode back to Odell Resort to join the others. Weather was warm, cloudy; snow good on the trail, but soft off it. Arrived at Fawn Lake at 1330 after leaving a little before 1100. Ate lunch—no wind; nice. Left at 1430 and out by 1600 at Crescent, where we loaded up the three cars and went back to the lodge for some soup and drinks. Skiers were Larry, Zotty, Jeff and Dave Cash, Pat Horton, Dot Leland, Parker Riddle, Merle Traudt, Randy and Pat Zustiak, and Marie-Anne and Andy Thompson, leader.

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