Potato Hill

January 15, 1978

This was supposed to be a beginners cross-country ski tour. Well, it was on the way up, but not coming down. The trail was so well packed and wind-swept that when we started coming down off the hill our ski velocity was much greater than anticipated. Therefore, much tumbling and snowplowing occurred and finally most of the group took their skis off and walked out. Leader apologized to beginners, but all things considered it turned out to be a fairly decent day. Nobody was injured. Partial clearing gave us good views of Washington, Jack and Jeff. Roy Lisi broke a ski pole and he applied immediate first aid with direct pressure and a well applied elastic bandage. The ski pole may recover, but it will never be the same again, that’s for sure. Bedo’s skis made a solo downhill run and I thought we’d lost them for good, but a noble expert skier happened by at the time and joined in the chase, and was able to return them unharmed. There were lots of sitz-marks, but also, lots of fun. Next year I’m not going to take a beginning group up Potato Hill unless there’s at least three feet of powder snow on the trail to slow us down a bit. We were all back to our cars by about two and heading for home to watch the second half of the Super Bowl. Graduating to intermediate class Nordic skiers are Bedo, Vic Belloti, Carol and Lonnie Bourgerie, Donna Ferchland, Roy Lisi, Tilly Merritt, David Predeek, Ann Raftree, John Ryan, Cathy Stroh, Dorothy & Clarence Scherer, Merle Traudt, and leader Parker Riddle.

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