Christmas Tree Trip

December 10, 1978

This was a quicky trip to the BLM Christmas tree cutting area south of Cottage Grove. Here the Douglas fir reproduction was thicker than “hair on a dog’s back.” So many hundreds of trees could be taken with no loss of future timber growth.

Jack Ewing picked out a splendid tree for the lodge, but it would have taken a high climber to trim it. Since there were no apparent volunteers for that detail, the tree was rejected. However, within spitting distance Emmy Dale spotted another equally beautiful, but smaller tree. Since I cannot tell a lie I cut the tree with my little axe, and It became the tree displayed in the Lodge this season. Others on the trip were Jane Hackett, Joella Hadland, Bonnie Ledford, Richard and Reve Castenholtz & leader Marriner Orum.

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