Lowell Butte

November 11, 1978

When we left Eugene it was a usual overcast November morning. When we crossed Dexter Reservoir, it was clear to the east while the Willamette Valley was still socked in with a thick hanging fog/cloud cover. Instead of hiking up the usual approach road to Lowell Butte, we drove up a new logging road that went to the butte just north-east of Lowell Butte. (None of us knew its name.) We parked near the crest of this butte and hiked across the connecting ridge southwest to Lowell Butte. There is logging currently going on along this road. We saw two deer and no bear, even though Merle was in our threesome, (and he usually sees a bear on every trail, but has yet to produce a photograph of the “bear.”)

We had lunch on top of the lookout tower around 11:00 a.m., and enjoyed the view of Diamond Peak, Mt. June, the Three Sisters, and other lesser hills visible above the fog layer covering the valley. With some reluctance, Dorothy Hayes, Merle Traudt and leader Joe Lowry returned mid-afternoon to still fog shrouded Willamette Valley.

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