Eel Creek Campground to Beach

November 4, 1978

This was the fourteenth consecutive trip with the first trip including five: Dorothy Manning, Helen Hughes, Margaret Markley, and Helen and Clarence Landes. This year’s trip started on the Dunes about 10:00 a.m.; weather clear, moderate calm and no sand moving. Sand Dunes damp, secure, and good walking. Tide near to “low.” One vessel (tow & barge) sighted, north bound about two miles out. No motor units on the beach or dunes seen in our area.

By noon the wind was building up and by 2:00 p.m., as we left the beach, the wind was probably near 40 miles an hour. Enough to move the sand in sheets two feet high. No time was wasted on the way to the cars plus a quick get-a-way.

On the way to the coast we caravaned by way of Drain to Reedsport—in hopes of seeing the elk from the dike below Dean Creek. Sure enough, over 30 were bedded down in the pasture and a few were grazing nearby—a fringe benefit for Mary Babarik, Margaret Crosland, Bob Foster, Jane Hackett, Karen Houglum, Bobby Kalbfleisch, Viron Moore, Sue Riemer, Helen Robbins, Lois Schreiner, Charlene Simpson, Robin Steussy, Betty Thomas, Paula Vehrs and leader Clarence Landes.

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