Vivian Lake

October 22, 1978

On a beautiful fall morning, 26 people met my co-leader, Emmy Dale, in Eugene and headed for Oakridge in seven cars to pick up my son-in-law, Rick Sanders and myself at the cabin where we arranged our Obsidian shuttle hike from the head of Hills Creek near the base of Diamond Peak down the Diamond Peak Trail, passed Notch and Vivian Lakes to Salt Creek Falls where Jean and Sandi would meet us and take the drivers back to starting point.

Lunch was enjoyed on shore of Vivian Lake and then down the scenic Fall Creek Trail. Total distance was about nine miles. This may have been a little too large a group as it did seem that when the front of the party was rested and ready to move on, the tail end was just arriving. Shuttlers were Doris Allen, Angie Barta, Sonia Edsom, Wilbur Groner, Jane Hackett, Clarence Landes, Joanne & Mads Ledet, Joe Lowry, Elizabeth McMullin, Evelyn & Herbert McCornack, Joyce Mitchell, Tal Natan, Odille Viratelle, Millie O’Donnell, Edythe Pearson, Parker Riddle, Rick Sanders, Velma Shirk, Andy and Marie-Anne Thompson, Lin Trombley, Dorothy Turner, Donna Turring, Dave Walfoort, Mike Wright, co-leader Emmy Dale and leader Donn Chase.

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