Black Butte

October 15, 1978

When our group left Eugene, it was overcast and it was still overcast when we got back to the Willamette Valley about 5:30 p.m. The weather in the Cascades was perfect for our two-mile, rather steep walk up to top of Black Butte. We drove to the parking area at the end of the road approximately halfway up the Butte and we hiked to the summit from there. All twenty-six hikers reached the summit and enjoyed lunch and the 360° view on a 75° sunny autumn day. We saw Mt. Hood, as well as the closer major peaks. There were patches of fall color through the forests. Some in our group visited with the couple who staffed the lookout. We learned that the many milk cans around their cabin are used to melt the winter snows for summer water needs. Those in our group were Joyce Baker, Angie Barta, Elaine Barnes, Carol, Denny & Lonnie Bourgerie, Diane Bush, Margaret Cooney, Emmy Dale, Donna Ferchland, Joella Hadland, Sunny Halagean, Richard Heinzkill, Hilary Hutchinson, Ted Igl, Lynn Juilfs, Robert Leary, Dot Leland, Karen Seidel, Lois Schreiner, Ethel Steussy, Bev Thomas, Lin Trombley, Paula Vehrs, Bob Walden and leader Joe Lowry.

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