Rosary Lakes

October 7, 1978

Since the leader had never been to the Rosary Lakes, she decided one way to get there was to lead the trip. Would there have been 25 followers if this had been known? We had excellent hiking weather, no hunters, a trail that wasn’t dusty, saw some wild ducks on the Middle Rosary and a few “DUMB” frogs that wouldn’t let Mark catch them. Most of the hikers enjoyed their lunch from a vantage point on Rosary Rock—some even took a nap.

It was nice to see so many of our friends and make some new ones. The 26 hikers were Mary Babarik, Joyce Baker, Lori Clark, Al, Theresa, Christine and Mark Gamache, Bobbie Kolbfeirch, Bonnie Ledford, Dorothy Leland, Joe Lowry, Helen Lynch, Dorothy Medill, Leona Mattson, Elizabeth McMullen, John & Lenore McManigal, Ralph Nafziger, Arran, Kevin and Parker Riddle, Lois Schreiner, Marian Streeter, Eleanor Wilderson, and Frank and leader Wilma Moore.

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